Hey there.

Hi, I’m Skyler. I'm a Product Design generalist who currently works at Cvent in Portland, Oregon. I have had the opportunity to work at many different companies including start ups, agencies, and in-house teams. I have led design on small teams and collaborated on large design teams. I work across user testing, strategy, UI design, and interactive prototyping.

After work I run a small photography company that helps local agencies source stock photos. On the weekends I can be found backpacking with my wife Leilah and shooting fine art photography that I love to print in large formats.

This website was built with good old HTML and CSS. I started with three lines of html using CSS Grid. Version control using github and hosted on Netlify. I love to chat about the design industry. Please reach out if you need anything or are new to the industry. hello@skylerhughes.com

Skyler Hughes Taking a Photo
Skyler Hughes on the Summit