Product Design, 2016

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Project background

Tricon American Homes provides homes to people all over the state of California and has been in the housing market for over 30 years. To kick off the scope of work I worked with the Tricon team, our engineers, and project managers through whiteboard sessions, user journeys, wireframes, and designs.


Customers needed a way to apply for homes through Tricon's marketing site. The end to end process was broken, disjointed, and often left users confused.

"How might we speed up the application process so customers can easily apply for a home."

Current issues

The biggest complaint from current users was the process was slow and overall confusing to understand. Users did not understand the status of their application and how to apply with multiple applicants. The current form fields were large and hard to work with on mobile. There was a high dropout rate after users were entering the first step of the application.


During research we worked on customer journey sessions identifying pain points, studied data to understand where customers dropped off, and together we identified real problems customers were facing.

One usability issue during testing we kept hearing about was how to apply with multiple applicants. We also discovered that applicants using the current struggled providing the information through a long and tedious and application. Often we were leaving users confused on what information they needed to provide upfront.


From the moment the user lands on Tricon we bring them a long for the journey. We let them know what to expect how long it will take and what they will need to provide. Transparency is helping Tricon improve their customer experience.

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Applicant dashboard

With the new design we created a dashboard that shows all the applicants on the application. Users could then see who they were waiting on to complete and submit the application.

Clear steps

We made sure that all the steps were clear for the user. If I were to do this part of the design again I would also include time it takes to complete each step.


Users could also pay for everyones application fees or choose to pay individually. This was set up for our users that applied with room mates.

Usability Testing & Iterations

During usability testing we uncovered a new process colleagues were required to have the customers called the Brilliant Orange conversation. We are changed the flow of the application to work fluently with their conversations.

Validators who will be using the app 8 hours a day became frustrated with the length of new design. We made small changes over to time to help them complete tasks faster. This included breaking the application up into four main sections.

Business outcomes

Problems Solved