Discovering America's National Forest


The Forest Service wanted a digital kiosk that gave visitors simple access to trail and permitting info. Our team built a custom web app leveraging their existing US Forest Service databases, making trail and use information user-friendly and instantly available to visitors. Directly after launch, the Forest Service began evaluating the web app for regional offices in the Northwest and beyond.

I worked with a team at Five Talent and the Forest Service leading the design from discovery to final delivery of the new kiosk. As conversations evolved, we encouraged the Forest Service to look beyond the web app to a mobile solution that could engage visitors anywhere. The Forest Service had shelved the idea of a mobile app in the past due to cost and technical issues. New research and some collective problem-solving revealed that going mobile was within reach.

Team and contributions

I worked on this project for three months leading the design efforts. The team consisted of one project manager, three software engineers, and multiple stakeholders. I contributed to the discovery wireframes, research, and final designs.

While there were many technical limitations we had to work around for this project we were still able to deliver a product that informed people of accessible trails in the National Forest and users could quickly know of trails, weather conditions and relevant local alerts.


This project we were given the freedom to explore different ideas that we as a team thought will deliver a better experience to trail addicts and casual travels. We were then able to deliver the final product during the grand opening of Forest Service welcome station. Once set up I then recorded users interacting with our first prototype. We were able to take these recording and iterate on the design.

Mobile App iOS

We had a stretch goal for a mobile application that we launched on iOS. Unfortunately the budget was light for this project and towards the end the mobile app was descoped so we could focus on more implementations of the tablet experience.

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