Product Design, 2018

bw hero image of desktop application

Project background

In 2017 I moved to Australia to work at Bankwest. I was part of a large team who handled the home loan enterprise process. I worked with our team on research and designs. I was heavily involved in designing loan mortgage insurance, automated full valuations, and the end to end flow.

Current issues

Brokers represent the majority of home loan deals for Bankwest. Sometimes the brokers feel like Bankwest is fighting against them not working with them. Customers are overwhelmed by the enormity of the information and understanding of the home loan process. Often times the bank requires information it has asked the customer before.

Customer journeys, prototypes, and testing

During my year we ran multiple sessions with real customers and internal colleagues on the customer journey, user tested paper prototypes, ran workshops with internal stakeholders, and iterated on designs.


Insights & problems

Through paper prototypes, high fidelity usability tests, workshops, and working with the service design team we collected all our feedback and identified our core problems.

  • Customers expect not to be asked the same question twice. If we could save the information to something like an API we could make the information scale across the organization.

  • Rate is the bait but is not the final hook for customers. Transparency of what we are asking for and why are the key influencers for both customers and brokers.

  • Colleagues and Brokers had little to no consistency on how they produced automated valuations. The users were using multiple tools which is a large chunk considering 30% of our customers use an AVM.

  • New colleagues and customers did not understand LMI, 76% of our customers have LMI, most colleagues calculate with manual tool.

Designs & flow

Some of the final designs for the first round of the design in production.  I owned three parts of the product: security, product, new account.


Usability Testing & Iterations

During usability testing we uncovered a new process colleagues were required to have the customers called the Brilliant Orange conversation. We are changed the flow of the application to work fluently with their conversations.

Validators who will be using the app 8 hours a day became frustrated with the length of new design. We made small changes over to time to help them complete tasks faster. This included breaking the application up into four main sections.

Business outcomes

Problems Solved