ZapIt Medical

Conceptual Design, 2016

ZapIT Medical, the first digital radiation machine management tool for the health industry, has released their first MVP product. The product makes it easy for users to manage all aspects of QA, Radiation Safety and Compliance.

I was brought on to the ZapIt team to create conceptual designs.

The Problem

In the medical industry, radiation machines are required to keep a log on updates and audits. Before ZapIt the system was old and outdated, users typically kept track of these logs manually. With ZapIt's new application, users can keep track of logs either on their web or mobile app.

The Approach

Test, Design, Iterate. We were already receiving feedback from current users on the application. Testing with a small group I worked with the CEO to iterate, sketch, and design conceptual prototypes

A few key features were added including real-time updates to approve, decline, or sign off on radiation machines, paperless documents for machine audits, and the ability to check previous logs of radiation machines.

Brand Experience

In addition to the app redesign, I also worked on improving ZapIt’s brand experience. We developed an intuitive and user-friendly digital experience allowing their user needs to take center stage. Our entire process was, and is always focused on the customer.

Design System

We created a design system and implemented across html, css, and react components. Updating on existing components and creating new ones. The ZapIt design system is helping us scale the product across multiple devices.


ZapIt continues to make updates and improve their overall UX experience. They are in the process of updating and growing their team. Their MVP is live and being tested with current customers. ZapIt recently acquired OnPoint Medical Diagnostic and is continuing their digital expansion.