Case Study: ZapIt Medical

Web App,Mobile App, 2017

ZapIt Medical provides EQAR software for users to be able to easily manage all aspects of QA, Radiation Safety and Compliance. ZapIt came to me looking for a redesign and update of their current branding. Also looking to update the UI/UX on a website, webapp, and mobile app.

The goal was to provide a cleaner look and let users know what is going on in the hospital, practices, employees or organization. (design phase is complete. currently working on development.


Keeping all the branding minimal aloud us to let users focus on what is important. A heavy data driven application it is important to let users access the information they need quickly.

To tie everything together we used illustrations to guide users through the apps while making it fun and approachable.


ZapIt was already in development on all apps by the time I was brought in on the design. By keeping the app and website minimal it allowed users to navigate and access the information they need quickly.

ZapIt’s apps are strong but their existing brand experiences were not. I worked on creating a very intuitive and user-friendly digital experience allowing their functionality to take center stage.

Design System

We are making ongoing changes to the design system and implementation across html, css, and react components. Iterating on existing symbols and components and creating new ones. The Zap It design system is helping us scale the product across multiple devices and in the future multiple teams.


I continue to work with ZapIT and improve their overall brand & UX experience. We are in the process of updating illustrations and creating a design system.

The design system will help ZapIT create a langauge that the team can all be apart of. Creating a cohesive consistent brand.