Tricon Homes

Design & Strategy,Web App, 2017

Tricon American Homes provides homes to people all over the state of California and has been in the housing market for over 30 years.

My work was to design and strategize the rental application process from end to end, making the customers information available quickly for the Tricon team to assess. I worked with Tricon and the team at Five Talent to design, test and implement a new home loan application.


We created user stories to help guide the flow and experience of the application. The Tricon team and I identified pain points in the application where users were struggling.

The biggest complaint from current users was the process was slow and overall confusing to understand. Users didn't understand the status of their application and how to apply with multiple applicants.


Creating Consistency

After working through a few mockups we created a small design system. The goal was to create a dynamic system that could be used between the marketing site and the web application.

The current form fields were large and hard to work with on mobile. We simplified this by grouping fields together and implemented floating labels.

Creating a Faster Application Process

The application process is long especially if you are on a small device. We leveraged accordion-like sections to save real estate. Users can then jump back to different parts of the application without the inconvenience of load times.

Strategy & Resolutions

Anytime in the application process you can add additional people to the application. For example if you are applying with roommates or your partner, however for security purposes you cannot access other accounts.

We identified where emails and notifications needed to be sent out via SMS to let users know that status of their application. This part was crucial to the success off the new app.

We created a login process to make this solution come to life in replacement of an SMS text authentication that proved problematic.

Qualitative User Interviews & Prototype

I ran multiple user interviews on the Tricon Prototype to assess the usability of the application process before development. One consistent challenge we kept running into was the login process and the same person applying for multiple homes. I iterated the prototype in response to this feedback.

Project Update & Takeaways

Tricon is now live. Please visit Tricon American Homes and see the rental application. We have simplified the process for applying and expect the number of applications to increase significantly.

If I were to do this project again I would run more user interviews in the discovery stage to identify what users were struggling with and compare that with quantitative data to find the major paint points. In my opinion I could have done a better job correlating between the two.