Case Study: Tricon American Homes

Web App,Mobile App,UX Strategy, 2017

Thousands of people everyday apply for housing whether it be a rental, for a loan or property. The process users go through can make or break a company’s goal to quickly fill housing. Not only can it affect the company but can dramatically impact human lives. The majority of us have experienced this in one way or another when trying to find a new home.

My task was to design an easier application process and make the data available quickly for the Tricon Team. I worked with Tricon and the team at Five Talent to simplify their current app and speed up the process to apply for rental housing.

Digital First Branding

I worked with their current brand guidelines and marketing site to develop a seamless experience between the site and the application. We created user stories to help guide the flow and experience of the application. Further into the project we discovered the majority of users will be applying with mobile devices. Making mobile design the highest priority over a normal desktop app.

The biggest complaint we received from current users was mobile issues and performance. The current application process was slow and overall confusing on how to apply.

(site before redesign)


Design System

After working through a few mockups I started my design system that I could hand off to the developers using Invision. The goal was to create a system the developers could use if we needed to iterate after initial design. I designed small “molecules” for the overall atomic design.

Smarter & Focused

The current form fields were large and hard to work with on mobile. By designing floating fields we minimized the screen real estate allowing users to not have to scroll so far.

Creating the Industry's Fastest Application Process

The application process is long especially if you are on a mobile phone. We leveraged accordions to save real estate. Users can the jump back to different parts of the application without having to wait for the page to load.

Problems & Resolutions

Anytime in the application process you can add multiple people to the application. For example if you are applying with roommates or your partner. For security purposes you cannot access other accounts. We had to create a login process to make this idea come to life. Originally it was an SMS text the would allow access to apps. But this idea wasn’t feasible in the long run.

Qualitative User Interviews & Prototype

I ran multiple interviews on the Tricon Prototype to figure out if the application process worked before development. One consistent issue we kept running into was the login process and applying for multiple homes. During the design phase I redesigned these screens to help the user better understand how to take these actions.

Project Update

Tricon is now live. Please visit Tricon American Homes and see the rental application.