Case Study: United States Forest Service

Kiosk App,Mobile App, 2016

The Deschutes & National Forest Service came to Five Talent looking to inspire and spread awareness about the outdoors. Starting as a small project to design & develop a kiosk app quickly turned into a new level of love for getting outside.

Shortly after my work on the design of the kiosk and mobile app the entire Pacific Northwest region implemented a kiosk and looked to Five Talent for guidance.


To have a cohesive product, I also owned the tasks of designing the mobile app and kiosk app experience.

Working with Five Talent’s project manager and developers. Including review with developers and QA to make sure the final product matched user stories. Below you can see examples of the live product. The mobile app will soon hit the apple store.


It was a struggle finding best practices around kiosk applications. The problem is each kiosk is different. We were using a fairly large screen. Making sure users could digest all the information on the screen without having to move to much was our key to success.

Using web best practices we came up with a solution to use a lower navigation and a filter to easily find what you are looking for. Making sure users knew that they could interact with the screen was another big win. Our solution was to use a sign in front of the monitor to let people know they could interact with this “tv” looking setup.