United States Forest Service

Design & Development, 2015

The Deschutes National Forest Service in Oregon (above California, before you hit Seattle) approached Five Talent with the goal to encourage and spread awareness of living the famed Pacific Northwest outdoors lifestyle. The Forest Service was in the middle of constructing a new local area information centre building on a major highway.

The Problem

The Forest Service was struggling to inform people of accessible trails in the National Forest. Current hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts were not aware of their web application. They needed a way to quickly let people know of trails, weather conditions and relevant local alerts.

The Solution

Five Talent and the Deschutes National Forest decided to implement a kiosk for their new information centre with a complementary mobile app based on the Forest Service's API, enabling us to pull live data for trail updates.

I worked with their development team to implement the design. We first tested the kiosk MVP and then were able to see the app live during the grand opening (I recorded video of people using the app). Based on feedback post go-live we made a few small changes to the Kiosk.

Key Outcomes

The kiosk was a success and the Forest Service came back to Five Talent to implement kiosks all over the Pacific Northwest.